ALCHEMY OF DEEP SENSES - Signature Treatment



What does the treatment consist of?

I am a body and energy worker, looking at the relationship between the physical body and the emotional and psychological composition of who we are.

My treatments have a talking or a non-talking version.

Within the body-massage element of the sessions I use deep-neuromuscular work to realign the physical structure, whilst -in the same time- I use Theta Brainwave work to release trapped energetic frequencies from the system which might come from negative life experiences, or possibly from being a carrier of DNA or Ancestry inheritance.

When someone chooses the talking version of the session we then can specifically explore unhealthy patterns, limitations, unhelpful perceptions, conditioning, pain, fears, negative programming, trauma, upset, even ancestry inheritance and so on -which may require some kind of change within, to exit an unhealthy pattern or limiting life approach. By using Theta Brainwave energy work I help to release these unhelpful limitations from the awareness, the conscious and subconscious, the cellular structure, - and then introduce an individually appropriate and positive opposite concept to reactivate from a different angle and from an empowered perception to arrive to a more fulfilling life experience.


What is Theta Brainwave work?

Theta Brainwave is a low frequency vibration of the brain (4-7Hz) which happens to us on daily bases just before we fall asleep but not fully asleep yet, and as we wake up but not fully awake yet.

By stepping into this brainwave frequency, we can gain access to modify our programming, belief system and mind patterns with the least resistance. This process of changing neuropathways and perceptions is grounded in quantum mechanics, which we can expand on if needed (eg. Niels Bohr). But the simple basics of it is the use of positive and appropriate intention to clear the unhelpful limitation which can keep us stuck and trapped in bad patterns, and instead, activate a new helpful information within our awareness, conscious and subconscious with new perceptions and approaches to connect with our authentic potential, and fulfilment.


Why combine physical, energetic and Theta Brainwave in the same session?

As most of our negative emotional experiences can easily get registered and get stuck in our physical structure, the actual physical touch (deep neuromuscular massage) is a crucially important element in the same time to free up the system on all levels, and bring on the desired change.

Our emotional, psychological and physical components of who we are live in an organic symbiotic relationship with each other. Neither of these have to cause problems one to the other, but the possibility of its high occurrence can easily be present.


Who can come for these treatments?

These treatments are for absolutely anybody. Currently my youngest is 8 years old, the eldest is 81 years old. Reasons for these treatments can vary from simple release and recalibration for well-being and energy, through mild or moderate desire to bring on change within the physical body and/or our conceptual manifestation of who we are, to more severe issues, problems, traumas and patterns physically or energetically, -and absolutely anything in between. There are also other reasons for these treatments, which can be to simply recognise one’s gifts, strength and potential, and enhance and expand those components within the self to achieve more satisfaction and abundance in this realm of our existence.