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Involution Therapies Signature Treatment

Connect with the inner essence and purpose

1½,  2,  2½  hours

This treatment is a mixture of all modalities from below. It's like a little journey. Sometimes, some call it a holiday, some others call it the catalyst for significant changes on their path. This treatment is put together in a unique and individual way to help one re-connect with enjoyment, well-being and the inner knowing of one's own learnings in this realm of existence, through an eclectic mixture of healing concepts, such as DNA work and Theta brainwave energy work, to modify unsuitable programs, conditioning, perceptions, patterns, fears, etc. Also deep body massage, pressure points, neuromuscular work and hot rocks iron out the physical ripples in the body.

In this safe environment first comes the cleansing of one’s body and energetic field on different levels, and then reconnection follows with the rightfully needed individual ingredients to re-balance, to step back into- and own one’s power for optimum functioning. This treatment has a talking- or a non-talking version you can choose from.


According to my experience I find Theta Brainwave energy work the most powerful modification technique I have come across up to date. It is an alternative healing method grounded in quantum physics, which allows one to change easily, quickly and effectively. It uses the body's electro-magnetic field together with the muscles to access the subconscious mind to identify and then shift negative programs and limiting believes that can blocke one from health, balance and well-being. It can also hold one back from fulfilling one's potential and purpose. This healing modality uses Theta brain wave, which is one of the most powerful state of the brain for change and healing. This modality can be incorporated in to any treatment.

HOT STONE MASSAGE  1,  1½,  2  hours

Hot stone massage is an honoured ritual, which helps to renew the sweetness of life. It is a gift from nature or “A big hug from mother earth” which enhances our awareness and brings us closer to our true essence. This massage is highly detoxifying, purifying, healing, strengthening and rejuvenating by maintaining balance. Read more...

THAI YOGA MASSAGE   1,  1½,  2  hours

This ancient art of healing works with rhythmic massage techniques and pressure points, it stretches out the muscles and realign the bone structure by gentle twisting. It increases flexibility, releases both deep and superficial tension, and helps the body’s natural energy to flow more freely. It is carried out on a mat on the floor in comfortable fully clothing. Read more...

Indulge your tired body in this firm body massage to melt away your achy muscles and let the tight, painful, knotted areas release through the detailed body work. It brings to the receiver an immense feeling of satisfaction, balances the free energy flow

of the system, alleviates pain and enhances the body’s health. It is detoxifying by increasing the speed by which the cells of the body eliminate their waste materials. Read more...

ENERGY MEDICINE - REIKI  1,  1½,  2  hours

This energy modality works with the Universal Life Energy. It is a "hands on body" healing. The body’s free energy flow can easily be interrupted with our day to day life challenges. This rather silent treatment seeks to restore order to the frequencies of the body and the mind, whose vital energy has become imbalanced. It releases physical, psychological and emotional blockages which we build daily with stress, anxiety, negative thinking, etc. Read more...

Consultation Time:

Please let me know at the time of booking if you need longer than 5-10 minutes prior to your appointment to discuss any issues or topics for your session.


Thank you.


Children under the age of 16 years old have to be accompanied by a parent or guardian during the whole of the treatment.

Please click here and read the Health Questionnaire which you will need to fill in on arrival.

Other options: Training Academy - Courses,  Aromatherapy Massage, Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi Massage, Hot Herbal Compress Massage, Swedish Massage.

" Krisztina's treatments are a magical healing and cleansing  experience.

She takes you on a journey that relaxes & soothes the mind, body and spirit. Her sensitive and firm touch is unique and deep. She is also the only body worker  I have known who combines   her eclectic mix of  healing forms of hot stones, deep tissue and neuro-muscular massage techniques, with energy medicine, Theta brainwave healing and even cards if you so choose. She creates a truly divine  experience that returns you to your beauty.

I always reccomend  her to everyone and they all agree with me."

- Dalia Zermon -


" Krisztina is a healer. Not only does she untie my muscular knots, but she works some other magic I cannot explain. Before starting, I tell her about the things which have been bothering me and she tailors a combination of oils, massage and Theta healing techniques to address my particular ailments at the time.

After her treatments I feel lifted, strong,  and like things   have shifted psychologically and emotionally too."

- Sandy H -


" With her amazing techniques Krisztina really connects with you during her treatments. This woman is an intuitive healer. She seems to know things about me despite not telling her anything! Her deep tissue work and energy modality releases so much physical tension, and it helps to push out toxic emotions trapped in my body. She is just out of this world!"

- Anna Rodgers -

Miss Eco Glam

Eco Glam Magazine


" Krisztina is amazing! Her body treatments are not only the best at sorting out my physical aches and pains, but there's always another level of emotional and spiritual healing that is astounding! I can't recommend her enough!"

- Carole Ray -



" I am very particular in choosing a massage therapist and have tried many. I have found Krisztina and she is the best!  

I have been having massages with her for years and  apart from being a beautiful person that i love to chat with she is truely gifted in her profession  and very knowledgeable.  

She is totally tuned into her clients and spends a lot of time on troubled areas, giving deep, deep  tissue massage which is intense but relaxing.  I love the aromatherapy oils that she uses and the hot stones - the whole experience is wonderful.

I float out of each session desperate to book again."

- Amy Penzik -