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We are hosting an energy-work event, -lecture and demonstration- on Sunday 13th October (2pm-4pm) of a revolutionary healing concept with Robert Ginsburg.

Example demonstration

Please get in touch via my contact page for more details, and to book your seats.


I'm on my way to the beautiful Volcano-Ireland of Tenerife, to collect some more of those fresh and magical hot stones for the treatments.

I will be back to work from 24th March.

In the meantime please contact me for treatment bookings via this website. Many thanks. Krisztina

15 March, 2012

Francis' first successful attempt of walking again!

10 January, 2012


Update about our beloved yoga teacher:

Francis is showing remarkable improvement within his recovery process in hospital, and just this past week -for the first time- he started showing movements in the left side of his body!!

Please keep sending your healing energies when ever you can. xx

19 November, 2011


We regret to announce, that our yoga retreat starting next week has just been cancelled, as Francis, our yoga teacher unexpectedly got in hospital last week, and seriously unwell.

Anyone who knows him, please send your positive, healing vibes his way.

2 September, 2011




Our next 7-day "Divine Retreats" in the Tuscan hills of Italy are going to be held

from 10th September 2011.

Please check out our website! There are still a few places left, and we also have some special offers up for grabs for a litimited amount of time. 

23 June, 2011

Our Yoga, Meditation & Healing Art Retreat in Tuscany was an absolute divine experience to all of our guests, and also to us.

You can check out some photographs and some of the articles below from different  health magazines from which we had journalists visiting:

30 November, 2010

3rd Oct 2010

On my way to Italy to our beautifully set up Divine Retreat. (3/10/2010-10/10/2010)

I'll be available for treatments from 11/10/2010.

Please send your treatment booking enquires via email through my website.

Thank you.  xx



We are holding a healing retreat in Tuscany, Italy. We have a full house, only 2 places left.

Check it out, it is going to be amazing!!! 4th Oct - 10th Oct, 2010

We have a fantastic yoga techer Francis who is the best of the best, highly skilled and versatile, filled with humour and creative ideas for classes.

We also have an amazing and life changing theta-healing practitioner Lorena, who can help to turn your life around if you wish.

A lovely lady Dalia, will takes us through daily meditation, followed by painting on canvas with oil paint to express and bring out our subconscious.

Another fab girl Sandra, will takes us through emotional freedom healing journeys that can help to shift deeper lying blockages in our system.

And of course myself, who is going to do the ultimate remedial and deep body massage treatments combined with intuitive healing..

What an awesome team!

Get ready for a transformational and unforgettable week!


- yoga twice a day

- daily meditation

- group sessions of healing and theta downloads

- excursion to Pisa and Lucca

- local wine-tasting (obviously to a sensible extent)

- swimming, sun-basing (25 C) tennis, chanting, walks, samba dancing, Italian lessons

- and lots of amazing healing treatments

Depending on your holiday-package food can be inclusive as we have a local Tuscan kitchen in the resort combined with Ondrej Matej our nutritionist, but if you prefer you can take care of your own food.

You can check out the website, all our therapists and the breath-taking pictures of the place!