More Testimonials

More Testimonials....

" Theta Brainwave Healing is the most effective relaxation and anti-anxiety treatment I've ever had. It's a great way to deal with issues of both the mind and the body, and despite thinking it would originally be hard to talk openly about my thoughts and feelings, it came very easily with Krisztina.

Krisztina is quite simply the best therapist I've ever been to. Her massages are beyond this world, and her healing techniques are incredibly effective. Every time I leave a session I feel like I've been reborn! "


- Anonymous from What Clinic Directory -




" Dear Krisztina,

I'm loving the freedom I feel since our session.

Thanks so much! "


- Simion B -





" I heard about Krisztina from a mutual friend who had recommended her to me to help me deal with chronic back pain.

My first visit was purely to receive some much needed massage over tired and aching muscles. However, Krisztina’s treatment involves a far more comprehensive physical and emotional healing.

Usually I have great difficulty allowing people to treat me (and rarely return) but Krisztina’s gentle manner, attentiveness and understanding seemed to immediately dissolve any apprehensiveness

on my part.

I have noticed considerable improvement in my back pain as well as overall health, energy and general outlook in life. I can give nothing but praise for Krisztina and continue to visit her regularly."


- Natalie Pilato -

Charity Worker for the Homeless


" Krisztina is the best therapist I've come across, and I've tried many. Even though I moved to the opposite side of town, I still travel to her. It's worth every minute I spend on that train and more! Krisztina's holistic approach always leaves me rejuvenated, energised and feeling good. She heals not just my aching body, but also my mind and soul. Once you try her treatments the only regret you'll have is that you had not done it earlier. "

- Kristina Matejova -


" I have been having treatments from Krisztina for over a year now and I wouldn't go to anyone else. She always listens to exactly what I need and provides exceptional service - she's really someone who goes above and beyond to make sure I walk out of the treatment feeling a million times better than when I went in.

I've recommended her to lots of friends and family, who've all given me positive feedback and I would recommend her to anyone looking for excellent massage and healing."

- Sarah Rourke -


" Krisztina is absolutely wonderful. The whole experience is the most special treat for my mind,

body and soul. I constantly recommend her to people because her treatments have changed my body and her healing and advice has changed my life."


- Rebecca Geller -


" I have had many, many massages and Krisztina is quite simply the best. She professional, warm and intuitive. She has a talent of reading your body to find and focus on the spots which are most in need of physical and emotional release. She really does work magic and I always leave her feeling relaxed and re-energised.

I go to Krisztina whenever I can and always recommend her to friends."

- Helen D -

Health Worker


" Quietly professional and confident masseur, whom I have been seeing for two years.

Calm and secure environment, with special attention given to particular problem areas."

- Roz Evans Flagg -


" I started seeing Krisztina recently and she is simply the best massage therapist I have seen.

She helped me to get back on my feet when my body came to a standstill. The integration of attention

 to mind, body and soul is wonderful and helps you to make connections emotionally whilst easing

away painful tension and stresses. I happily recommend her to family and friends."

- Nadia P -


" Krisztina is an amazingly intuitive and caring healer.

I always feel renewed and reconnected to my true self.

Highly recommended!"

- G Capovilla -

Actress, Model


" Krisztina is THE BEST massage therapist I have ever had the pleasure to meet – she is truly a gift!

She intuitively finds the places on your body that require the most attention and healing.

A wonderful experience and incredibly healing."

- Marina K -


" I arrived for my treatment stiff, misaligned, exhausted and generally feeling ‘a bit broken’.

The treatment I received was a perfectly blended and intuitively tailored deep tissue and hot stones

body massage with Thai massage on my hands and feet, followed by a soothing head massage.

This was all delivered in a calming and reassuring atmosphere in which I found myself

re-connecting with some very fond memories from my childhood.

I left my treatment feeling light, balanced, relaxed and happy."

- Jacques F -


" The best massage I have ever had!

Having a treatment with Krisztina is a wonderful experience. It's not just a massage. She goes deeper by working on the mind and soul.

I feel so relaxed and like I'm walking on air after one of her fabulous treatmets."

- Chelsee Lewis -


" I feel so safe in your hands Krisztina, I can not tell you how much you helped me.

Many, many thanks!"

- Tracey Harris -


" Her desire to heal combined with her innate ability to do so,

makes a treatment from Krisztina so much more than the best massage you will ever have."

- WN -



" Professional, authentic, inspirational,knowledgeable, insightful, warm, passionate are a few mere adjectives which best describe Krisztina and her work. I indulge in her treatments as often as I can, and at the end of each session my body feels re-energized and my soul too."


- Chiara Fife -