Hot stone massage is an honoured ritual, which helps to renew the sweetness of life. It is a gift from nature or “A big hug from mother earth” which enhances our awareness and brings us closer to our true essence. This massage is highly detoxifying, purifying, healing, strengthening and rejuvenating by maintaining balance.

It is also a wonderful tool for letting go emotionally.





Physical benefits:


·        Helps the lymphatic circulation, thereby it’s highly detoxifying and cleansing

·        Deep relaxation of muscles, helps to alleviate stress and tension

·        Increases blood circulation /blood flow for optimum body functioning

·        Aids the central nervous system

·        Improves the skin texture


Psychological benefits:


·        Encourages the removal of negative energies – stress, anxiety, anger, frustration, negative thinking,


·        Strengthens the charkas

·        Grounding

·        Nurturing

·        Feeling of blissfulness

·        Feeling of security and safety

·        Tranquilizing

·        Feeling of being in touch


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