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Involution Therapies - TREATMENT VOUCHERS

Do you know someone who is always doing something for others and never seems to get off the treadmill? Do you know someone who needs help with unsuitable patterns or with bringing on change? Or someone who simply needs to de-stress and unwind?  Or maybe you know someone who suffers from aches and pains, injuries, or someone who's simply feeling down. Why not surprise them with a treatment session?


A perfect way to treat a loved one to show how much you care about them and their wellbeing. 



A great gift for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Father's Day, Mother's Day,  Christmas stocking, Hen Parties,  or just to say 'Thank You'.



Reward your hard working staff to show how much you appreciate them. Ensure that your staff are happy and healthy at work, especially with such high percentages of employees taking time off work due to stress/back pain. Good team-building!

Gift Vouchers are available for: 1,  1.5,  2 hours, which will be tailored to your loved one’s needs with care and attention.

Gift vouchers can be posted to an address, or can be picked up in person. Please click here to arrange.

" Krisztina has greatly affected my life for the better. She is one of the most profoundly gifted individuals in a healing profession that I have ever encountered.

I have a serious head neck injury that happened about 19 years ago from which I have never fully recovered. I have seen many, many specialists and finally resigned myself to accepting a physical state of constant pain.

Krisztina, after just a few sessions, was able to loosen up certain portions of the injury on the cellular as well as on the energetic level, which had been fairly frozen solid for nearly two decades. My work with her is not finished and I anticipate continued progress - not only with my injury but with my overall health on all levels.

I very much look forward to being one of her clients for as long as she is practicing. She is that good. As a matter of fact I consider her to be absolutely remarkable and an inspiration. "


- Kim Carpenter -

(former) television writer / producer


" Krisztina's treatments balance and nourish my whole system. She releases my muscular blockages, eliminates bad energies and replaces them with positive thoughts to heal. Her touch is strong but soothing and I can honestly say that her treatments are the best I have ever had. "

- Veronica Carpio Martin -

 Agent Magazine