This energy healing works with the Universal Life Force Energy. It is a “laying of the hands on the body” healing. The body’s free energy flow can block very easily because we are on a constant journey of dealing with our life challenges. This treatment seeks to restore order to the body and mind whose vital energy has become imbalanced. It releases physical, psychological and emotional blockages that we build daily with stress, anxiety, negative thinking, etc.


This treatment is about letting go. It helps to release things that don't serve us, whether that is a physical condition, emotional pain, negative thought patterns, the list is endless.  




·        Restores energy blockages on the emotional and physical level

·        Detoxifies the system

·        Brings deep relaxation and healing

·        Helps to find the connection with your higher self

·        Rejuvenating and revitalising for the cells and mind

·        Increases the vibrational frequency of the body

·        Releases unwanted negativity from the system that do not serve the person’s highest good

·        Balances the whole body, mind and soul



Please click here and read the Health Questionnaire which you will need to fill in on arrival.



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