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Krisztina Karanyicz

Queen's Park



Brondesbury / Willesden / Marylebone

Training Academy - Various Courses, Advanced Deep Tissue &  Neuro-muscular Massage, Theta Brainwave Energy Modality, Hot Stone Massage, Thai Yoga Massage, Energy Healing, Aromatherapy Massage, Swedish Massage, Hawaiian Lomi-lomi Massage, Egyptian Hot Herbal Compress Massage.


"Krisztina has improved and enriched my life immeasurably; I can't overstate her impact. Some three years ago a friend raved about Krisztina's healing qualities, and I was – I'll admit – sceptical. However, since our opening session my cluttered life has been slowly and very surely re-organised for the better. It is perhaps no coincidence that in the time I have been visiting Krisztina I have married, bought my first house and entered fatherhood. I have never felt happier, or more fulfilled, and part of that is certainly down to the healing. I have uncovered a sense of spirituality and discovered dimensions to my own personality, having addressed aspects which I had previously ignored, or been afraid to confront. Now Krisztina and I have become good friends, and two hours in her company is the optimal way to de-stress, unwind and – most importantly – allow my body and mind to heal. I can't recommend her services highly enough. Go with an open mind and you will be infinitely rewarded."

- Oliver Pickup -