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My curiosity of self-activation and 'healing'-naturally started around the age of 10 years old, which later got closely joined in with the fascination of our individual and personal responsibilities we seem to require to take, for a more fulfilling life experience.


I grew up on the edge of a lovely town at the foot of the Carpathian Mountain ranges in north-east of Hungary, surrounded by nature. As a young child I found myself in the possession of a book which was all about plants that heal, which I naturally found highly resonating and exciting at the same time.

This helped me to consciously connect to the greenery around me and brought me to the start of the understanding about the significance of the healing power of nature. At that early stage, with the guidance of the book I seemed to quickly develop a passion for coming up with my own herbal solutions and formulas for the usual types of children’s illnesses I experienced such as sore throat, cold and flu, cuts and wounds, etc, and more often than not I succeeded to help myself without the doctor’s medications. As a young child I felt exhilarated because of this, and nature seemed nothing less than magic! I suspected it then that there is much more to come.


Later in my teens I improved my herbal formulas, and my interest broadened with various supernatural concepts, meditation, mind over matter practices, and various other energy work modalities.

My school studies of Economics and later on Media, didn’t at all reflect my interest in life, in fact it bored me to tears.

After my studies in Hungary, for various reasons I decided to move to London in my early twenties.


The London life fitted me perfect, apart from the lacking of nature. So in the first few years I travelled from the Himalayas to the sudden parts of India, through Thailand, visited the authentic Red Indian Tribes in Canada. During the travels I took on various courses at alternative methods of wellbeing, body and mind therapies, which were significant contributions toward my life philosophy evolving. In between trips I had valuable job experiences in London to cover the expenses of my travels.


My studies of different body- and energy work modalities continued in London too, and after receiving my initial qualifications, I got myself my first professional job on the field in 2005 in the centre of London at the lovely and unique prestigious Sanctuary Spa in Covent Garden. I was blessed to have won ‘The Therapist of The Year Award’ after my first year of working there, which was viewed upon as a significant privilege, especially so early on in my carrier. As a result of the award I was gifted to a one month course in Thailand to learn Thai Yoga Massage from the masters up in the hills of Chiang Mai. It was also magical.


Throughout my years of further studies on the field of alternative well-being and science- (EFT, NLP, CBT, Theta Brainwave Modalities, and self-studies of Quantum-Mechanics/Physics/Biology,) plus through my personal experiences with my clients, it very quickly became clear to me, that in order to be able to offer effective and lasting results as a therapist, I need to collectively address the psychological, emotional and physical levels within my treatments when needed. So I did. I developed my own style- and mechanics of my treatments that I provide, and I am in continuous gratitude to be able to do professionally what I love, passionate and curious about.


This expansion is a continuum, as all aspects of our existence is in an all-time evolution. In 2009 I also trained and became a teacher on this field, and run courses to pass on and share my curiosity and available skills with people who might also be interested on what I love.


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" I asked Krisztina if she could help me stop smoking. After battling with it for years I didn't hold out much hope.

Extraordinary that, not only did it work, but I have not had the slightest twinge of desire to light up. My addiction just evaporated. This was 4 months ago. It was more than easy. Absolutely amazing. I don't know how it works, but it certainly worked for me after just one session.

I have always been quite cynical about this kind of treatment but not any more! Krisztina holds a lot of wisdom.

Astonishing, thank you."

- Ben Young -

Director / Producer

" Krisztina has a beautiful sunny disposition and magic hands that can melt away years of tension in minutes. Lying on her treatment bed you quickly find yourself drifting off in a blissed out state. She works on both physical and emotional levels. Krisztina works strongly but has great sensitivity through-out. After each of her treatment -where she manages to always find hidden areas of blockages and tension, you leave feeling lighter, freer and calmer.

I couldn't recommend her more highly."

" Originally I came to Krisztina for massage and treatment for an upper back which was going into painful spasm with some regularity. I am a busy London based Yoga Teacher and the combination of taught classes and running around town can take its toll.


Krisztina was immediately able to identify my underlying condition and bring immediate relief. She has an amazing touch, applying deep and powerful pressure when necessary but also supportive and nurturing. Her excellent understanding of the physical body is equalled only by her ability to 'see' energy patterns within the body - she is naturally drawn to areas that are week or hyperactive.


To be treated by Krisztina is a wonderful healing experience. I would say she is part of my team; I know when I need sorting out in my body, she is there to bring me back to optimum health. I have not found a more intuitive or effective practitioner of deep therapeutic massage and healing in 15 years of searching. I am lucky to have found her."


- Ulric Whyte - www.ulricwhyte.co.uk