Welcome to Involution Therapies

Involution Therapies is established by Krisztina Karanyicz and based in London Queen's Park, Willesden Green and Marylebone.

Krisztina’s body and soul work is developed to facilitate and guide an expended space for people, in which they can access insights, own recourses and resourcefulness of the information needed to reconnect with their own power, to de-code dysfunctional patterns or personality traits, to unlock unsuitable concepts and energies, and to rebalance, heal and strengthen one’s physical and energetic structure –to return to one-self.


The medicine of this phase of our evolution is to recognise the lessons that are being offered to us by life’s challenges. Everyone and everything are our teachers in our day to day life. As we go through our personal life journey we learn, we grow, we evolve. In the same time we should always remember that we are never challenged by more than what we are capable of dealing with. Our resources and possibilities are limitless. We always have all the tools we need to get through change or difficulty. One of the ways to make this easier for ourselves is to eliminate fears, unsuitable patterns, limitations and negativity, and master the quality of truth, inner power, trust, patience, kindness and open mindedness. These can give us the strength & clarity to move through any change or challenge which then contributes to our health, spiritual growth, the inner evolution - our 'involution'.


I believe that every thought, deed and emotion has an effect on our physical state. Our emotional pressures, stresses, anxieties, negative approaches, fears and disappointments can easily get registered and held in our physical structure, which then can cause physical blockages, aches and pains. They can also lead to illnesses and diseases if the negative emotions repeate frequently.


The essence of my work is finding these physical and energetic blockages in one's being, breaking them down by providing the most effective energetic modalities and massage treatment possible, and also incorporate Theta Brainwave Energy Work which can release and heal the corresponding emotional issues that migh be contributing to the physical problem - so that we can function at our optimum potential within this physical realm of our existence.


Every choice we make contains the energy of either faith or fear, and the outcome of every decision reflects that faith or fear. Choice made from true faith has the full power of the universe behind it, and any choice made from fear is a violation of the energy of faith & of its truth.

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"  Being under Krisztina's hands and receiving her treatments is a magical experience, her techniques go above and beyond anything I have experienced before.

I have had treatments in South East Asia, India, Central and South America and I can guarantee nothing compares!

I cannot recommend Krisztina highly enough, every aspect of her treatments are seamless, & is a soulful experience."

- Kirsty Newell -




" Krisztina is a gift for the body and soul. Her talent is unparalleled, and

she is in a league of her own!"

- JR -


Krisztina's treatments permeate more than physical stresses and ailments to assist you into a release on the deepest molecular level. A completely wholesome, intelligent, and intuitive treatment; quite simply the most nurturing, healing and transforming touch I have ever had the privilege of experiencing.


- L. E. Lin -