Involution Therapies & Teaching Academy is established by Krisztina Karanyicz and based in UK London: Queen's Park, Willesden Green and Marylebone.


Krisztina’s body and energy-frequency work is developed to facilitate and guide an expanded space for people to bring on the desired change in one's life to manifest a more satisfactory life experience. The work can include the modification of dysfunctional belief systems, the release of stuck incoded patterns and programming, DNA and ancestry work, etc, and is mixed in with releasing the deep physical congestions in the bodily structre. In the same time accessing deeper inner awareness, insights and own resources to rebalance, reactivate and re-empower one’s being to arrive back to the authentic self, organic potential, and to the emotional and physical well being.

Throughout our evolution there are always opportunities for us to grow, expand and arrive to a more fulfilling experience of our every day life. Next to acknowledging required learnings around our possible weaknesses, we are also in this realm of existence to have a good time. Our resources and possibilities are limitless, and we always have all the tools to bring on any desired change. The medicine for the required change is to recognize how to eliminate unnecessary fears, unsuitable patterns, limitations and negativity, and instead, how to tap into- and master our authentic essence, inner knowing, self-love and self-kindness, inner power and clarity to move through any change or challenge. This process contributes to our over-all wellbeing and to our inner evolution – our ‘in-volution’.

"Every man is where he is by the law of his being; the thoughts which he has built into his character have brought him there, and in the arrangement of his life there is no element of chance, but all is the result of a law which cannot err.

Every thought-seed sown or allowed to fall into the mind, and to take root there, produces its own blossoming sooner or later into act, and bearing its own fruitage of opportunity and circumstance. Good thoughts bear good fruit, bad thoughts bad fruit...

The body is the servant of the mind. If you would want to protect your body, guard your mind. If you would want to renew your body, beautify your mind."....

- James Allen / As A Man Thinketh - 1903

I have personally experienced time after time within myself, and also through working with my clients in the last 1.5 decades, how easily our thoughts, mind patterns and emotions can have a profound effect on our physical state. Emotional pressures, stresses, anxieties, negative approaches, fears and disappointments, etc, can easily get registered and held in our physical structure, which then can also cause physical congestions in bodily tissues. This can lead to aches and pains. These blockages can also be a source to contribute to illnesses and diseases when negative emotions repeat frequently. We are made of frequencies of information, and quantum mechanics and quantum biology states that the frequencies of our information can be changed, which then can lead to the transformation of physical matter. This concept can also profoundly change our day to day circumstances, our outlook on- and response to life, and how we experience the world around us.



The essence of my work is to find and to help reveal these physical, energetic and conceptual blockages in one's being, and do the best I possibly can to assist to jointly de-code, then break down, and release them by using Theta Brainwave Energy Work combined with deep massage treatment to re-balance and replenish one's physical and mental structure. Techniques can also release and contribute to resolve the corresponding emotional and psychological issues and programming that might contribute to physical problems and unhappy life patterns. The aim is to restore and reactivate in a way that we can function at a more optimum potential within this physical realm of our existence.


Every choice we make contains the energy of either faith or fear, and the outcome of every decision reflects that faith or fear. Choice made from true faith has the full power of the universe behind it, and any choice made from fear is a violation of one's truth.

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"  Being under Krisztina's hands and receiving her treatments is a magical experience, both her conceptual and physical techniques go above and beyond anything I have experienced before.

I have had treatments in South East Asia, India, Central and South America and I can guarantee nothing compares!

I cannot recommend Krisztina highly enough, every aspect of her treatments are seamless, & is a soulful experience."

- Kirsty Newell -


"Krisztina's treatments permeate more than physical stresses and ailments to assist you into a release on the deepest molecular level. A completely wholesome, intelligent, and intuitive treatment; quite simply the most nurturing, healing and transforming touch I have ever had the privilege of experiencing."


- L. E. Lin -


" Krisztina is a gift for the body and soul. Her talent is unparalleled, and

she is in a league of her own!"

- JR -

" Krisztina is simply the best! Her treatments

are life changing!!

So powerful! "

- Ester Segarra -

Music Journalist / Photographer